Rep. Skyler Rude’s response to Gov. Inslee’s forced vaccination deadline

On Monday, Oct. 18, nearly 2,000 Washington state employees and unknown numbers of private health care workers, long-term care workers, employees working in early learning, K-12, and higher education institutions lost their jobs under Gov. Jay Inslee’s forced vaccination mandate.

Rep. Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla, released the following statement:

“I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifice that thousands of Washingtonians have made to do what they feel is right, when it cost them the most. Behind each name is an individual or family who has been villainized and persecuted by the State of Washington for their beliefs. The choice was painful, but to lose so much, the conviction must have been great. Losing one’s livelihood, and everything supported by it – health insurance, retirement, future earning potential, a place to live – those are costly sacrifices. Regardless of the lack of compassion these workers and their families experience from others, they have my deepest respect. 

“Many of us know the decision to terminate employees was not based on science when the talking points keep changing and conflict with each additional iteration, when remote employees can’t be accommodated, when natural antibodies don’t count, when regular testing isn’t allowed, when the mandate isn’t uniformly applied, when a 90% vaccination rate for state employees isn’t good enough anymore, and when decision makers behave differently behind closed doors. The list goes on. 

“Protecting civil liberties is costly. These employees have shown us all what real courage looks like.” 


Washington State House Republican Communications