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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope this email finds you well! On Monday, January 8, lawmakers returned to Olympia for the start of the 2024 legislative session. The Washington State Legislature is considered a part-time legislature.

In even-numbered years, we are granted a 60-day window to accomplish the people’s work, encompassing the approval of the supplemental operating, transportation, and capital budgets. In the initial weeks of session, our primary focus revolves around advancing pivotal policy bills through the committee process. I proudly serve on the House Education Committee, the House Appropriations Committee, and the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee.

This legislative session is teeming with crucial topics and challenges, and I want to understand your perspective on the priorities the Legislature should focus on. Share your insights by participating in this brief survey by clicking this link or scanning the QR code below. Your responses will inform me of your preferences and guide our emphasis on specific topics and issues. If there’s a topic of importance to you that is not covered in this survey, feel free to contact my office. Your active participation is greatly appreciated!

2024 Priorities | Fixing the education crisis impacting students

Washington state is facing an education crisis. It is time we fix this crisis.

As the ranking Republican on the House Education Committee, one of my top priorities this session is improving our K-12 system so our students are well-equipped to succeed in life.

My focus for this session includes addressing learning loss suffered from the pandemic, requiring personal financial education as a graduation requirement, increasing funding for tutors and paraeducators in our classrooms, and keeping parents engaged in their child’s education.

I have proposed two bills to align with these priorities and contribute to the solutions addressing our education crisis.

Financial education as a graduation requirement for high school students

Empowering students with financial education is a vital means to enhance their opportunities. While some school districts have already prioritized financial education, many students aren’t receiving any financial instruction before graduation.

House Bill 1915 is geared towards bridging the gap to ensure students receive this necessary instruction before stepping into the realm of post-graduation life.

Learn more about House Bill 1915:

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(Reps. Skyler Rude and April Connors with State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti, and Ashwin Joshi – a student from Southridge High School in Kennewick who testified in favor of House Bill 1915)

Tackling learning loss

The decision to shut down in-class instruction during the pandemic led to learning loss and a drop in test scores for many students in our schools.

The statistics prove it.

Earlier this week, I proposed legislation designed to address learning loss by emphasizing the placement of tutors in schools and increasing the presence of paraeducators in classrooms.

House Bill 2387 would improve student outcomes by funding additional paraeducators to deliver high-quality, personalized instruction for students in math and reading. It would also address COVID-related learning loss by funding a new temporary tutoring program that delivers high-dosage tutoring to students who have fallen furthest behind.

Evidence shows that high-dosage tutoring models are the most effective intervention to address learning loss and improve student test scores. We need to elevate student outcomes by providing targeted support where it is needed the most.

This bill has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee. I will keep you posted on its progress.

Stay tuned | Officially certified initiatives before the Legislature

I stand with the over 400,000 passionate Washingtonians who have rallied behind several initiatives. I want you to know that my House Republican colleagues and I hear you. We know you deserve to be heard through the committee process and for the Legislature to act. We will continue to fight to ensure this happens.

The Constitution of the State of Washington (Article II, Section 1(a) states: Such initiative measures, whether certified or provisionally certified, shall take precedence over all other measures in the legislature except appropriation bills and shall be either enacted or rejected without change or amendment by the legislature before the end of such regular session.

In my next e-newsletter, I will dive into Initiative 2113, 2117, and 2081, which the Secretary of State has officially certified.

  • Initiative 2113 (concerning police pursuits). This initiative seeks to amend the state’s police pursuit law to reinstate “the authority of police officers to engage in pursuit when there is a reasonable suspicion a person has violated the law.”
  • Initiative 2117 (concerning carbon tax credit trading). This initiative seeks to repeal the cap-and-trade program, which has increased food, fuel, and energy prices.
  • Initiative 2081 (concerning parental rights relating to children’s public school education.) This initiative aims to “allow parents and guardians of public school children to review instructional materials and inspect student records, including health and disciplinary records, upon request.”

Staying connected

Please reach out to my office to set up a meeting, ask questions, or discuss the issues that matter most to you. You can scan this QR code to easily access my contact information.

I also want to take this opportunity to share information and a list of resources with you. These will provide a detailed look at the work happening behind the scenes on your behalf – and on behalf of everyone in Washington state. I encourage you to bookmark the links below and share them with your friends and family.

If you have further questions or thoughts, please continue to reach out to my office.

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve!


Skyler Rude

State Representative Skyler Rude, 16th Legislative District
122G Legislative Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7828 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000