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It’s important to me that you’re able to stay connected with me and the issues that matter most to you, your family, and your business. Please use this website as a resource with links on contacting me, signing up and testifying remotely in committees, and other ways for you to stay involved in the legislative process.

I continue to work on issues that affect all of us: affordability and cost living, safe communities, government accountability and transparency, and protecting individual rights. Much of the work I do can fit into those broad buckets, but to see individual bills I have sponsored or co-sponsored, see the Sponsored Bills tab.

I do my best to engage in the community, visiting schools, businesses, and individual community members, but feel free to engage directly. Your input, opinions, thoughts, and concerns are what shape my work in the Legislature. You will find my email and phone number on the contact page. I’m always happy to meet with any 16th District resident who requests a meeting.

It’s an honor to serve you.

Rep. Skyler Rude
R-Walla Walla
(360) 786-7828  |  skyler.rude@leg.wa.gov
Note: Emails may be subject to public disclosure.

My Priorities

Advocating for our students and parents

As the ranking Republican member of the House Education Committee, our students, parents, and school system will always be a priority and passion of mine. I have always been an advocate for an educational system that tailors learning environments to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

My 2023 priorities to improve students' educational opportunities

Supporting effective community policing

As a state lawmaker, I try to minimize the impacts of legislation we pass at the Legislature. To prevent unintended consequences, it’s critical that legislators listen to concerns from those impacted and make sure those voices are represented when policy decisions are made. Such is the case in fixing and clarifying several police reform policies enacted in 2021 that severely hampered our law enforcement officers’ ability to do their jobs. With a focus on compassion and accountability, I will continue working in a bipartisan manner to foster solutions that don’t compromise public safety; keeping our families, neighborhoods, and communities safe; and ensuring accountability.

Addressing key law enforcement concerns

2023 Legislator Profile

Meet Skyler Rude

Skyler was born, raised and educated in Walla Walla, and has spent his adulthood finding ways to serve his community. Beginning in 2015, he worked as 16th District Senator Maureen Walsh’s legislative assistant. In 2019, he was sworn in as state representative for the 16th Legislative District, which includes all...

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