Rep. Skyler Rude’s legislation seeking to study the barriers associated with Washington state’s Death with Dignity Act passes House

A bill that would create a study through the University of Washington to understand the barriers related to patients accessing the state's Death with Dignity Act was approved by the House of Representatives on Friday.

House Bill 2419 was authored by Rep. Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla.

The Washington state Death with Dignity Act was passed by voters through the initiative process ten years ago. The Act allows adult state residents that have a terminal illness, with six months or less to live, to request medication that the patient may self-administer to end their life.

“This is an issue I care deeply about. This bill is about making the voter-approved law work for people and families facing barriers currently associated with our state's Death with Dignity Act,” said Rude. “My goal is to ensure consenting, competent adults who are within six months of death are able to access this law.”

House Bill 2419 would require the University of Washington to conduct a study and report on the barriers associated with Washington residents' access to the Death with Dignity Act, consider how to improve the Act, and allow more people to have access. The report will be submitted to the Legislature and governor to determine if action needs to be taken to amend current law.

The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration.

The 60-day legislative session is scheduled to conclude on March 12.


Washington State House Republican Communications