Rep. Skyler Rude provides the following statement on the unanimous passage of House Bill 2965 providing emergency funding to combat the COVID-19 virus

The state House of Representatives unanimously approved House Bill 2965 to appropriate $100 million in emergency funds to combat the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Rep. Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla, offers the following statement on the passage of this bill:

“Both sides of the aisle quickly came together to address the emergent issue of the COVID-19 virus that's currently hitting our state head-on.  Unfortunately we've seen nine deaths associated with the coronavirus in a matter of days.

“The House unanimously passed House Bill 2965 to authorize the appropriation of $100 million from the budget stabilization account for state and local agencies to respond to the coronavirus.

“My colleague, Rep. Drew Stokesbary offered an amendment to the bill to ensure we protect the four-year balanced budget requirement with the appropriation of this emergency funding, with the assurance that leftover funds and federally supplanted funds are returned to the budget stabilization account.

“This funding authorization ensures the Department of Health and other local agencies have the resources they need to effectively combat this virus. When the Legislature adjourns on March 12, we wouldn't be able to authorize additional funding short of a special session, and that is something we'd like to avoid.”


Washington State House Republican Communications