Reps. Skyler Rude and Mark Klicker issue statement on the failed procedural motion to bring vehicular pursuit legislation to the House floor

Reps. Skyler Rude and Mark Klicker, both R-Walla Walla, released the following statement on the failure to bring House Bill 1363 relating to law enforcement vehicular pursuits to the House floor for a full chamber debate and vote.  

“Today, House Republicans made a procedural motion on the floor to bring House Bill 1363, the police pursuit fix bill, to a vote by the full House of Representatives.

“House rules allow bills to move to a vote by the full chamber with a majority vote, but the motion failed on a party line vote, thereby shielding legislators from having to vote on the record to address this critical issue.

“It is deeply disappointing that public safety is not one of the top priorities this session, particularly because the flaws in the pursuit law were caused by the Legislature.

“We have heard two heartbreaking stories of children, one in Puyallup and two in Sunnyside, who lost their lives as a direct result of fleeing suspects that law enforcement could not legally pursue because of the 2021 legislation this bill would have corrected.

“Law enforcement needs tools to prevent tragedy. We need to bring back the reasonable suspicion standard and give them back this tool to do their job.”

Wednesday, March 8, at 5:00 p.m. is house of origin cutoff. If a bill does not advance from the House chamber by this deadline, it is considered “dead” for the year.


Washington State House Republican Communications