Radio Report: Rep. Skyler Rude files bill to make financial education a high school graduation requirement

A state lawmaker has introduced legislation to include financial education as a high school graduation requirement. Kelley Payne reports from the state Capitol.

 Radio Report Transcript

PAYNE: Taking out a home mortgage, understanding credit and debt, are among essential financial life skills. But Walla Walla Representative Skyler Rude says many Washington students don’t learn these skills before graduating.

RUDE: “I’ve seen many people that have acquired a lot of debt and – I just think that at least having that conversation considering making a conscious choice to go down a path is important.”

PAYNE: Rude has introduced House Bill 1915. The measure would require financial education courses for elementary and middle school students starting in the 2026-27 school year.

RUDE: “Right now, schools are required to provide financial education opportunities to students. I don’t think providing an opportunity and then allowing students to bypass it is the right path.”

PAYNE: Starting in 2029, at least a half-credit of financial education instruction would be required to graduate.

Rude’s bill has attracted multiple Republican and Democratic co-sponsors, which indicates it may have strong bipartisan support during the 2024 session to make it to the governor’s desk.

Kelley Payne, the state Capitol.


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