Rep. Skyler Rude takes action to tackle student learning loss through proposed legislation

Washington state is grappling with a pressing education crisis exacerbated by the pandemic’s impact on student learning. In response to this challenge, State Representative Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla, has proposed legislation designed to address learning loss by emphasizing the placement of tutors in schools and increasing the presence of paraeducators in classrooms.

House Bill 2387 would improve student outcomes by funding additional paraeducators to deliver high-quality, personalized instruction for students in math and reading. It would also address COVID-related learning loss by funding a new temporary tutoring program that delivers high-dosage tutoring to students who have fallen furthest behind.

“I want to make sure every single kid has the opportunity to be successful in our K-12 system,” said Rude, ranking Republican on the House Education Committee. “Evidence shows high-dosage tutoring models are the most effective intervention to address learning loss and improve student test scores. The objective is clear. We need to elevate student outcomes by providing targeted support where it is needed the most.”

The last decade has witnessed an alarming trend in K-12 education, where despite a historic increase in state spending, academic performance has declined. According to data from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), 60% of students are failing math, and 50% are failing reading. Over the past few years, public schools have lost over 60,000 students, suggesting that many families are not satisfied with the education their children are receiving.

“As Washington state faces this educational crossroads, a thoughtful and data-driven approach is essential to pave the way for a more robust, equitable, and successful K-12 education system,” continued Rude. “It is time our public schools return to leading the nation in math and reading as they did a decade ago.”

House Bill 2387 will be assigned to its respective committee, where it will receive further legislative action.


Washington State House Republican Communications